22 Images That Deceive Your Eyes

4 years ago

If you have a photographic or eidetic memory, you can remember an object and all its details in a very short period of time. This type of memory is intrinsic to children before they start to talk, read and write, but then it disappears. However, as our collection shows, there are some exceptions!

Bright Side has made a list of artists whose art so accurately mimics real objects that you won't believe they're not actual photos. And we're pretty sure these artists have photographic memories because their works are so hyperrealistic.

An Elderly Man by Olga Larionova

This emotional portrait could be featured in National Geographic magazine. Just look at his deep eyes full of sadness and his tired face full of wrinkles.

Zooming in by Young-sung Kim

Look at all the little hairs and brilliant use of color on the insect's back. This bug couldn't be seen any better under a microscope!

Nothing. Life. Object. by Young-sung Kim

Do you want to touch it? Imagine its skin with all its bumps and points.

Unused Truth by Dirk Dzimirsky

Every single goosebump is visible here! It's incredible!

Mermaid by Dirk Dzimirsky

Her eyes look right back at you.

City of Dreams by Raphaella Spence

Seems like if you zoomed in on it even closer, you'd see people walking down the streets.

The Time Has Come by Joel Rea

This painting looks like a photoshopped photo.

Crossroads by Joel Rea

Our first question was, "Why is this baby naked on the street along with a tiger?"

Dream girl by Yigal Ozeri

This painting looks like a Polaroid shot! A very beautiful girl on a sunny day.

Megan and Olga in the Park by Yigal Ozeri

Such a photo could actually be printed in an autumn edition of Vogue. It's really hard to see it's just a painting!

This mermaid got her legs by Yigal Ozeri

Just take a look at this splashing water! Every drop looks real. We've got to say, this is a great shot!

Catching Fire by Nathan Walsh

This magical neon light shining down seems so real, we feel like we could touch everything.

Zbar by Nathan Walsh

We wish we could have such view from our own windows! You could look at this forever.

Whale Bay, Antarctica, No.4 by Zaria Forman

Thanks to this artist's incredible work with colors, all these thousands of shades of blue and white are amazing! We can almost feel cold from it!

Jacobshavn Glacier in Greenland by Zaria Forman

It feels like the artist has spent many years there and remembers every tiny detail of the icebergs.

From the pocket by Ivan Hoo

One could wonder, "Why did this guy put his telephone and keys on a desk while drawing something on it?"

Nutella Spread by Ivan Hoo

At first, it seems like somebody drew a portrait of Marilyn Monroe using Nutella, and then you understand that the Nutella is drawn on too!

Autumn's portrait by Luciano Ventrone

Do you want to eat them all? It's hard not to drool!

A crushed watermelon by Luciano Ventrone

It looks so tasty! This picture stimulates the appetite, doesn't it?

Paint in My Head 7 by Eloy Morales

Seems like he wasn't ready for this shot.

Floating Baby Number One by Eloy Morales

We think this is the most realistic newborn baby. For those of us who have never seen a newborn baby, we can assure you, they really look like this!

Jann by Bryan Drury

We wish we had a zoom mode like this on our cameras!

Can you draw? Even if you can't, you surely want to try now! Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Joel Rea/facebook


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