15 People Whose Day Has Turned From Ordinary to Extraordinary

2 years ago

Sometimes when we get stuck in a routine it’s easy to start struggling to even tell the days apart — seems like nothing happens. Usually, in moments like this, life decides to spice things up and suddenly surprises us with something we couldn’t even imagine, like a fox who visits your house because of a light decoration or a car from an old cartoon right in your neighborhood.

We at Bright Side love unexpected gifts from the Universe, so we gathered some of them together right here.

1. “The potato chip I found in my lunch”

2. “Found this film negative in my parents’ attic. It’s a picture they took together before they had kids.”

3. “It’s been so cold, I snapped my welcome mat!”

4. “I always thought hawks were solitary creatures. Then I spotted these 2.”

5. “A picture of me on my wedding day in the middle of a blizzard.”

6. “Saw this massive cheese aisle in a Wisconsin grocery store.”

7. “This puddle my friend found on his morning walk.”

8. “I cooked cabbage with my eggs and they turned blue.”

If you boil eggs in red onion peel,they turn the same color,easy for easter,normal onion peel turns them yellow.


9. “I found a tiny ecosystem growing on a soccer ball which had been left in the yard for months.”

10. “A large group of gummy bears my brother got that have been melted together.”

11. “Lightning strike in my old neighborhood”

12. “Turns out, someone in my city drives around in the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story.”

13. “This avocado I bought has a really tiny pit.”

14. “A rock I found formed perfectly around this bottle cap that had been in the ocean.”

15. “I think someone has a crush on my Christmas light decoration.”

Did you see something that surprised you recently? What was it?

Preview photo credit MrChabelo / Reddit


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