16 Thrift Store Finds That Prove You Shouldn’t Spend a Bunch of Money on the Interior of Your Dreams

2 years ago

Many people believe that high-quality furniture and interior items should be expensive. In reality, you can get nice things almost for nothing. Just be patient and diligently explore thrift stores.

That’s what the heroes of this Bright Side article did.

1. “I found this for $15.”

2. “My work-in-progress bedroom: 90% thrifted, secondhand, and free”

3. “I’m in shock. They want only $30 for this mirror.”

4. “I found this 1930s Art Deco milk glass Ace lamp at the thrift store for $6! I saw one being sold online for almost $400!”

5. “A $9 thrifted walnut dresser for my daughter’s room, definitely one of my favorite finds.”

6. “We’ve been looking for a good rocker, and my wife finally found one today! Just $13!”

7. A shelf for $14

8. “I’m in love.”

9. “I couldn’t say no to this chair for $20.”

10. “These thrifted rattan shelves for $30 is my favorite find so far.”

11. This find for $1

12. “$10 garage sale find”

13. “The chair of my dreams for $10”

14. “I thrifted this $20 bookcase just so I can justify thrifting more books.”

15. It’s a great find for $50. It resembles a simple wardrobe, but it becomes a comfortable bed within a few minutes.

16. “It took me about 10 years to get this room where I want it to be. Every lamp and piece of furniture is a thrift store find. Nothing over $100!”

Did you happen to thrift something nice? If so, share it in the comments below.

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# 8, I inherited that same line of pressed flowers from my depression era grandma(unsure what decade the decor is from but definitely at least 1980s since she had the collection when I was little.) Multiple frame sizes, even a gorgeous thin pyramid shape- technically a terrarium, if dried foliage counts. All but a few frames were saved because husband was worried about mold since all the flowers were real- that was a sad day though. Happy to see others still find them as exquisite as I do. Not everyone shares in my quirky vintage/antique style. 🙃


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