15+ People Who Dropped by a Thrift Store and Suddenly Hit the Jackpot

3 years ago

When we see vintage things, we instantly start to imagine how expensive they might be. This is because they are old and have their own history — and these items may or may not be cheap. However, sometimes at yard sales, and in thrift stores, real gems are sold for pennies.

We at Bright Side are publishing photos of internet users who have dropped by thrift stores and found really rare things, that are deserving of your attention.

“Turtles are my favorite animal, so you can imagine the delight this brought me when I randomly acquired it a few years back. I bought it from a woman in her ’90s, so I’m betting it’s had a long life.”

“I found this beautiful vintage Jean Paul Gaultier coat for $8 at a dusty old thrift store.”

“Found this unmarked 18k gold bracelet for $5.”

“Got this off at a marketplace for $50. Not as cheap as some of the $6-ish dollar beauties, but for the beading and long train, I think it’s a steal.”

“Paid $3.99 for this gorgeous 1950s tooled leather bag.”

“Found the bike of my dreams for $10! All she needed was some new tires and a wash!”

“Little stained glass peach I got for $1 at an estate sale.”

“I present to you all my Vintage Peacock Crystal Ring gifted to me by my best friend! She found it at our local antique mall.”

“Most awesome decanter EVER. Picked it up from a local thrift store.”

“$6 handmade leather purse. Win-win!”

“Flea market find. Marked 14k, and I only paid $4. It was in a big box of random, mostly Monet, costume jewelry.”

“Here’s my secondhand wedding dress I found at a thrift store a few years back. Not married, just wanted it for pictures, LMAO.”

“Scored this great mirror for $2.”

“Saw this gorgeous secondhand curio cabinet on the marketplace and HAD to have it! A 10-hour drive later and it’s ours. It’s made out of rosewood and is nearly 8 feet high.”

“When the checkout person asked me what this was, I muttered that it was for making coffee and ran away. $1,200 La Pavoni Europiccola espresso maker for $6.50 at Goodwill. My coffee dreams have now been fulfilled.”

“Found this watch at a flea market. I figured it was worth 5 bucks. Once you pull the movement out, the total weight was 22.1 G. It turned out to be 14-karat gold.”

“Great turn of the century mission oak rocking chair with side sewing drawer. Great ingenuity back in the day !! Great find at $25.”

“Today I found this incredible vintage silk sequin dress that I would absolutely live in if I could!”

Have you ever managed to buy cool antique items for pennies?

Preview photo credit UrbanRelicHunter / Reddit


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This is like my girlfriend, she always finds the best deals somehow


Wow these people got super lucky! I wish I could find something nice like this as well 😊


You know I actually really like that dress on the last picture, it's a bit out there but man is it nice!


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