20+ Objects That Require a Bunch of Smart People to Guess Their Purpose

2 years ago

Usually, in order to figure out what an unknown object is, we simply need to find a similar pic on the internet and everything instantly becomes clear. But what do we do if we don’t have any idea of what we are dealing with? It complicates things because we will not likely find something that makes it any more clear just by asking Google, “What is it this thing?”

We at Bright Side know for sure who to address when a search on the internet doesn’t bring results. Internet users who know so much are always there to help figure out any unknown situation.

“Found in a garden. A metallic object that closes in on itself.”

  • It’s a Hindu ritual box. It is missing the middle piece that would sit in that central hole. This is used to store turmeric and other colorful powders which we shower over the deity’s idol. © lmaoooooaf / Reddit

“It used to be used in World War I, but we’ve got no clue what it was meant for.”

  • It’s a curette, a medical instrument used for scraping away tissue (for example removing certain skin lesions, removing dead tissue from a wound). © malted_barley_flour / Reddit

“What is this ceramic tube? Found in a drawer of random antique bits (like an antique junk drawer) I think they were white, and discolored with age.”

“I’m waiting for the bank to open and they have this card facing the street. What is it used for?”

  • It’s a safety signal. We switched ours quarterly and it is to let other employees know that it is all clear to open. Typically we had 2 employees “open” the branch while the rest waited in the parking lot or across the street for the “all clear.” The openers go in, turn off the alarm, search the building and check everything, then set the signal. © peebs1284 / Reddit

“Husband has this in his collection but no idea what its intended purpose is, other than being an axe.”

"What is this V-shaped scoring found on the tree?

  • That’s an old way to collect sap to make turpentine. It’s called “cat face.” © TomBug68 / Reddit

Sorry for the letdown... This was part of a set of premiums for malted milk.

Turns out, the hole in the center of this ceramic crab is a water inlet. This device was used in calligraphy in the 17th century.

“Water was poured into it and then the water was dripped from the nose on a dry dye to get ink.”

It might seem like a Tyrannosaurus tooth. But in fact, it is just petrified coral.

“Moving into a new apartment and found this on the wall. It seems like a plastic plate that’s just hollow inside the opening. What could this be for?”

“This find is 100 years old. What could it be?”

“Found in an old house built in 1914, the little gold pins spin if you pull the red cord through.”

“What is this small rubber thing I found in my throat when I coughed up a loogie after I woke up this morning? Earring for scale.”

“I found this while walking in a creek. I and my friend thought it was a cannon but after cleaning it, not sure what it is. It is made of iron and about 25 lbs.”

This thing that looks like a head massager is actually a cocktail stick. Ladies used to use small whisks to degas carbonated drinks.

“What is this small round object poking out of the wheel arch of this city bus? I’ve not seen it on any other busses.”

Solid metal Egyptian-looking scarab. It has hieroglyphs on the underside and is fairly heavy for its size.

“Found this buried. It’s flat on one side, concave on the other, and has a hole right through the middle.”

“Found while cleaning out an old cedar closet. Had a bendy spring in the middle.”

  • I think it’s a vintage hat display stand. The pull cord lets you pull the hat down and to the sides to exam it rather than touching the hat itself. © angeliqu / Reddit

“Does anyone know what these measurements are in my parking lot?”

  • This is elevation off of the laser level. At that point, it is 20 inches higher than the lowest point that was shot or 20 inches lower if marked by -/+. © Pickforth / Reddit

6″ tall, 4″ wide, feels metal-ish

Have you ever come across an object that you couldn’t explain? Who did you address to find the answer?

Preview photo credit TheChosenPeeples / Reddit


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