21 Pictures That Made Us Say, “Wait, What?”

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these are certainly worth double that. Any picture that can make you pause and take a second look is a memorable one, and if it can also make you laugh, consider it unforgettable. Reddit streams are home to many of such amazing shots taken by the right people at the right time.

Bright Side collated some fabulous pictures for you to get a little break and marvel at the big, wide world we live in, full of some very creative people.

1. Not a cupcake, but a “veszelyite rare mineral”

2. “My daughter made a wallet chain out of can tabs!”

3. “I found this worn penny in my dryer, wonder how long it’s been in there.”

4. “The way this knot in my wall looks like a dog.”

5. “My cousin’s samurai shift knob (gear stick)”

6. “Found a tiny crab that has a cow head on its back.”

7. “Sticky-note pixel art in an office window — was taken a few years ago in Hartford, CT.”

8. “My bathroom sink countertop is cut from real stone and has a fossil on it!”

9. “Ken Jeong was a physician at the hospital I work at.”

10. “We found a pill bug that looks like an actual pill capsule.”

11. “This mushroom we picked in the forest”

12. “A small meteor bounced off my hand when I was little. Thought I would share what my hand looks like now.”

13. “This rainbow cactus we found on a walk”

14. “This Coke bottle is made out of ice.”

15. “The kid beside me in class has a keyboard made of light.”

16. “I am blind in my left eye. Here’s what an actual pupil-less eye looks like.”

17. “This rock looks like a grilled cheese sandwich.”

18. “I made this robin out of wool and I think it turned out

19. “My boss writes notes on his hand and photocopies
them for later.”

20. “Um...so...I knitted with a potato, size 11 needles.”

21. “Here are my Marfan’s syndrome hands.”

Have you also come across such surprising sights and were quick enough to snap a picture? Which one is your most memorable shot?

Preview photo credit heyredditone / Reddit


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