15+ People Who Truly Believe Doing Things Their Own Way Is the Right Way

2 years ago

In our world, there are some unwritten rules all of us apply to our day-to-day, like grabbing chips out of a bag with our hands or putting empty packaging in the trash bin. Luckily for us, there are some people who add their own personal touch to these everyday things in a way that might be a bit strange but really entertaining.

We know everyone has the freedom to do things their own way, and that’s why Bright Side wanted to share the funniest and weirdest ways people break the rules.

1. “My husband eats apples with a spoon.”

2. “My partner thought this was acceptable to put back in the fridge.”

3. “Someone decided to park on the side of a no-parking street that has fresh wet paint lines.”

4. “My wife doesn’t get all the ice out of one tray before using another.”

5. “This is how my wife eats burritos/wraps, ladies and gentlemen.”

6. “Painted that wall for you, boss.”

7. “This is how my sister cuts lemons.”

8. “How my brother put the paper towel roll back”

9. “Just moved into my new apartment and saw this.”

10. “How my brother ’puts away’ the dishes”

11. “I live with a vandal.”

12. “Why is CLEAR a green button while ENTER is yellow? I kept accidentally clearing my PIN.”

13. “This is where my mother-in-law left my toddler’s uneaten banana.”

14. “My sis-in-law just posted this. She told my brother, ’Use those DIY books and fix the chair!’ Done!”

15. “There are literally 3 separate soap dispensers. Why?!”

16. “That’s not how bay leaves work.”

17. A door to go...where?

18. “My wife eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with chopsticks”

Would you ever try eating an apple with a spoon? Have you witnessed anyone doing regular things in a really strange way?

Preview photo credit thirdculturegurl / Reddit


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the last one is actually smart - she won't make her hands dirty hahaha


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