18 Restaurants That Tried Way Too Hard to Be Creative When Serving Their Dishes

4 years ago

Most restaurants serve their dishes on good ol’ plates, because they just want their customers to enjoy their meals and walk out with a smile on their faces. However, there are places that put way too much creativity into presenting their food. They go as far as serving their dishes on old VHS tapes, telephones, sinks, and even their customers’ very own hands. These are just some of the situations experienced by a group of Reddit users. They shared their stories on a page as a way to complain so that, hopefully, no one ever has to eat on a ridiculous object again.

Bright Side created a list with some of the most bizarre cases where delicious meals were served on things that should have never been used as plates.

1. “In a restaurant in Canada, I was served pudding on (and I wish it was a joke) an old VHS copy of The Bodyguard.

2. “Spaghetti Bolognese in a bread cone”

3. “I hate to restrain other people’s creativity, but I don’t like this at all.”

4. “Don’t eat the rocks,” said the waiter while serving me this dish.

5. It’s hard to deny the originality of some presentations.

6. “I ordered a bagel...”

7. “A carrot served on a telephone”

8. “How about a plate, but upside down?”

9. “This is a whole new level of laziness.”

10. “I thought they brought it so you could wash your hands before eating.”

11. “How am I supposed to eat this?”

12. “Chocolate ice cream on a squashed Pepsi can”

13. “$500 for a tasting menu, and this is how they served dessert.”

14. “Excellent burgers and fries served in dog bowls”

15. These fries are a literal masterpiece.

16. “It finally happened to me!”

17. “Vegan burgers and nachos served on an electric guitar”

18. “They served my friend a single potato on a tiny chair.”

Which of these food presentations surprised you the most? Would you eat your favorite dishes on top of these weird things? Tell us in the comment section!


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I think some of these are pretty cool ideas but poorly executed ?


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