20 Designs That Test Their Owners’ Nerves Every Day

2 years ago

In this world, there are specialists who are in charge of creating things and places in such a way that they are practical and easy for others to use. However, not everyone who creates these kinds of designs thinks about how to put them into practice in the real world, and that is how we end up seeing real abominations in the least expected places.

On this occasion, Bright Side made a compilation of designs that seem to have been created with a desire to make the world angry.

1. “The shower in my dorm freshman year (I’m only 5’7)”

2. “This speed hump they installed in front of my house is about as useful as a perforated cereal bowl. People just drive down the middle of the road to avoid it.”

3. “I can see into the main hallway of the building while standing at the urinal.”

4. “The chandelier adds luxury and complements the fake orchids.”

5. “My stove knob’s proximity to the burner makes it hot as hell when I turn it off.”

6. Good luck getting in there, my friend!

“In this shower, the glass stops at my eyes, and the sink is at thigh-level. The smallest movement turns the shower into a tsunami. Plus, if the glass touched the sink there would be no way to get into the shower.”

7. “This light in my room in our new apartment, my family didn’t notice it until 2 months in, but I noticed it immediately.”

8. “The shudders for this bathroom can be opened from the outside”

9. “The only outlet in my bathroom...”

10. “The intentional holes in these overhangs make them completely useless in blocking the top balconies from rain.”

11. “Restaurant bathroom: one mirror panel on top, one on the bottom...no way to see myself in between.”

12. “How big the gaps are in this stall”

13. “Don’t drop your card!”

14. “Why would you even bother installing the tap?”

15. “This astroturf wall in a public bathroom”

16. “I spent about a full minute trying to figure out the way back to the lobby.”

17. “I was wondering why there was a drain in the middle of the floor.... the drain in the shower lasted about 30 seconds, before the floor was flooded...”

18. “Take your poop buddy now! It even has 2 ACs!”

19. “These doors open into each other and get stuck together”

20. “I can’t tell if this is modern architecture, or if the Panera is about to cave in on me.”

What places do you know of that have completely absurd and non-functional designs?


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in fact, the rain comes right in the balconies lol
those people don't have fun during the rain season


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