13 Sherlock Holmes Riddles That Will Test How Bright You Are

5 years ago

Only 1/3 of murders that happen in the U.S. are solved and recent data shows that crimes are less likely to be cleared in the U.K. It looks like the world needs a master of observation, logical reasoning, and intuition: a Sherlock Holmes 2.0. Care to give it a try?

Bright Side has put together 13 short riddles to put your brain to the test so that you can try to prove that you could become Sherlock Holmes 2.0. And to avoid cheating: You’ll find all the answers at the end of the article!

1. Bad Intentions

A woman invited her friend home for dinner. She made a meal of mashed potatoes and roast beef. For dessert, she cut an apple in halves and offered her friend one half along with some whipped cream on the side, and put the rest of the cream in a separate bowl. She then ate her piece of the same apple.

The friend died of poisoning, but the host survived despite eating from the same apple. How is that possible?

2. Who’s lying?

Chris got lost in the woods just after he found his way home,huh!???!!


A man named Tom went hiking with his friend Chris on a Sunday after notifying his brother Dan. The next Saturday the police finds Tom dead in the woods. Dan said that he had been working all week. Chris was found wandering around the highway. He said that he got lost in the woods right after they arrived and just found his way home. Look at the picture and guess who’s lying.

3. Guess the name of the murderer

A rich man that lived in a beautiful house on Baker Street, Mr. Ronald Green, has just been kidnapped and Sherlock Holmes has been appointed to the case. He finds a note at the crime scene written by Mr. Green. It read:

“First of January, Fourth of October, Fifth of March, Third of June.”

Sherlock knew that somehow, the killer’s name was hidden in the note. The suspects were as follows:

Jack Green, the son and the heir of the property
John Jacobson, an employee of Mr. Green
June Green, Green’s wife

Sherlock deduced the killer’s name in an instant. Can you?

4. Guess the victim and the murderer’s name

There are 5 men. These are the clues you’ve got:

1. One of them shot and killed one of the other 5.
2. Dan ran in the New York City Marathon yesterday with one of the innocent men.
3. Mike considered being a farmer before he moved to the city.
4. Jeff is a top-notch computer consultant and wants to install Ben’s new computer next week.
5. The murderer had his leg amputated last month.
6. Ben met Jack for the first time 6 months ago.
7. Jack has been in seclusion since the crime.
8. Dan used to drink heavily.
9. Ben and Jeff built their last computers together.
10. The murderer is Jack’s brother. They grew up together in Seattle.

5. The name is written on the note

One snowy night, Sherlock Holmes was in his house sitting by the fire. All of a sudden a snowball came crashing through his window and broke it. Holmes got up and looked out the window just in time to see 3 neighborhood kids who were brothers run around a corner. Their names were John Crimson, Mark Crimson, and Paul Crimson. The next day Holmes got a note that read: “? Crimson. He broke your window.”

Which of the 3 Crimson brothers should Sherlock Holmes question about the incident?

6. Think outside the box with this one

A man was found dead in a field of snow. The only evidence that was left was a set of footprints between 2 parallel lines.

Who should the police be looking for?

7. There is no such thing as a perfect crime.

How is there a Mondays newspaper. Warm milk? Unopened mail? Flyers? These things been delivered!


A wealthy man lives alone in a small cottage. Because he was handicapped he had everything delivered to his cottage. The mailman was delivering a letter on Thursday when he noticed that the front door was ajar. Through the opening, he could see the man’s body lying in a pool of dried blood. On the porch were 2 bottles of milk, Monday’s newspaper, a catalog, flyers, and unopened mail. When Sherlock Holmes got to the cottage he told the police the killer was the mailman.

How did he know?

8. Tricky trip

2 friends left for a climbing trip. But only one returned from the vacation and said that his friend slipped while climbing and died. Upon investigating, the police arrested him saying, “We received a call from your travel agent. We know you murdered your friend.”

The man did not inform anyone about the trip. Then how did they know it was a murder?

9. Everything will eventually come to light.

A man named Evan called the police saying he had found his friend Liam murdered by the seashore. He said he had lent Liam his beach house for a week during the California summer and that he had just arrived from a month of work in chilly Argentina to join him, only to find him dead. When the police arrived they instantly realized he was lying. Look at the picture and guess why.

10. Not as obvious as it seems

Let’s test your skills. You’re shown the picture of these 2 women. One of them had been living in poverty for the last 10 years and just killed a man to pay her big debt. Can you figure out which one of them did?

11. You may kiss the... bride?

A man wakes up from a 2-day coma after a car accident with a case of amnesia. Suddenly, 2 women arrive at the hospital. One of them says she’s his wife and the other one says they have kids. Who’s lying?

12. How sharp are you?

Sherlock Holmes 2.0 needs for his judgement to be sharp. Just by looking at the picture, and only using your sharp intuitive and intellectual skills, tell us: Which of these 2 families is poor?

13. Only for keen observers

Sherlock Holmes would have noticed in less than a minute who the thief is in this picture. Sherlock Holmes 2.0 would need to be as observant as his master to be able to solve this riddle in the same amount of time. Can you?


1. The poison was in the whipped cream.

2. Chris is lying, how can he be so well-shaven after being alone in the woods for a week?

3. The kidnapper was John Jacobson.

Take these details into account:

First of January means the first letter of the word January: J.
Fourth of October means the fourth letter of the word October: O.
The fifth of March means the fifth letter of the word March: H.
Third of June means the third letter of the word June: N.

The name spelled out is John.

4. Jeff killed Mike. How do we know?

Jack is not the murderer, he is the brother of the murderer.
Dan is not the murderer since he ran a marathon, and the murderer recently had his leg amputated.
Ben is not the murderer. He just met Jack. Jack and the murderer grew up together.
We know that Jeff is still alive because he wants to install Ben’s new computer next week.
Mike didn’t grow up with Jack.

If Jack, Dan, Ben, and Jeff are still alive, then Mike is dead.
We can only deduce that Jeff must be the murderer.

5. It was Mark. The note said “? Crimson,” which can be read as “Question Mark Crimson.”

6. Someone in a wheelchair.

7. The absence of Tuesday´s and Wednesday´s newspapers indicated that the mailman knew that the man was dead and therefore that no one would read them.

8. The man had booked a roundtrip ticket for himself but only a one-way ticket for his friend.

9. If it’s summer in California, it’s winter in Argentina. The man was sunburned, he wasn’t in Argentina, he was in California.

10. A. People who have less disposable income tend to spend more on items that make them appear wealthier like high heels, eye-catching clothes (it’s a plus if the brand’s name can be read), and heavy makeup. They usually spend more than they earn, so a full fridge for just one girl should reveal the truth.

11. The woman in the red dress is lying. She’s not wearing a wedding ring.

12. The family on the left is poor. A low-income family tends to gravitate toward food that is cheaper but more energy-dense, like pizza, ice cream, and cake. A wealthier family tends to choose more nutrient-dense foods such as vegetables, protein, and fruit, though that doesn’t mean they can’t go for that occasional red velvet cake.

13. The woman in the yellow dress is the thief.

The hint reveals that the thief is not the boy. The toy shop does not sell small teddy bears like the small bear the mother has inside her purse, or the little bunny the man is carrying in a bag.

The store sells balls and the woman in the yellow dress has one of them inside her dress, making it look like she’s pregnant.

We didn’t expect the answer for riddle #2 How many did you solve? Tell us in the comments!

Illustrated by Leisan Gabidullina and Natalia Tylosova for Bright Side


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Obvious the 1st one all of us know wives ain't kind except few but when comes to these stuff they do shout


The crying woman doesn't have a wedding ring, either - we can see her left hand! The one where "the name is in the letter" I thought was June. After all, her name is right there. Argentina trip, you can get a sunburn - especially on your face - in winter, too. The wheelchair one I thought was a dolly-cart. And where they ruled out the amputee, they stated it as if an amputee could never run a marathon, and some do, regularly.


I think there are four riddles that have a mistake in them.
1. The second riddle's answer claims the right man is clean shaven but I don't see how.
2. The third riddle says the person who was in the answer was the "killer" but it says the man was kidnapped, that doesn't make sense, unless the police found the man dead, but the riddle did not say that.
3. In the riddle with the sunburned man, it says the man couldn't be in Argentina during the winter because he was sunburned, but you can still get sunburned in winter.
4. In the riddle claiming the woman in the red dress was lying because she didn't have a wedding ring on, the problem is that people are saying that neither ladies are wearing wedding rings but they don't see that one of the hands on the crying lady was covered by a tissue, and the wedding ring could be there.


1. The answer says IF he was telling the truth, he would've actually been lost in the forest for a week and therefore wouldn't have been clean-shaven. Since Chris WASN'T telling the truth and was the murderer, he was clean-shaven.


So, one, I would think that the temporary answer for the wife/kids/ring conundrum is to take them both at face value and only that (eg. the woman on the left is his wife, the one on the right has his kids) and check with the marriage records (you also don't need to wear a ring if you're married, I know plenty of people who don't, and you don't need to be married to have kids), two, for the who stole something one the only one who could have was the woman in the yellow dress as no one else has checked out yet, three, the second riddle, both are fairly clean-shaven but the one on the left claims to have been working all seven days of the week which is not a typical work week. Ergo, he is more likely to be lying, though he could just have an unconventional work week.


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