18 People Made Small Discoveries, and Their World Will Never Be the Same

2 years ago

We sometimes forget how diverse and interesting the world around us is. But, in fact, in order to make new discoveries and find out about new curious things, all we have to do is look at what’s happening around us every day.

We at Bright Side do this with pleasure. And also, from time to time, we look at photos posted online by people just like us.

“A fruit fly walked across my chocolate peppermint biscuit as it cooled, leaving footprints.”

A solar park bench with USB charging ports

“My legs after a 5-hour mountain bike ride”

“Found a very tall sunflower — I’m 5’10” for comparison."

“The tiny armrest I had on my flight”

The fate of an unfortunate fly at the mask factory

“The seeds in this apple I cut are already growing.”

This is what happens when a shower poof unravels.

This is a truck carrying the signs you see on the interstate.

“The storm cloud before it hits our town”

“I gave a carrot to a caterpillar this morning, and when I returned, it had turned orange.”

A heated driveway under construction

“Found a little free library for dogs.”

A 100-sided dice

This Swiss water bottle has the Matterhorn in it.

“This older keyboard I found in an office while cleaning on campus”

This lemon has every shade of yellow.

This Saab airplane has a hand hole.

  • I’m not a pilot, but I’ve seen that ground crews give small things to the pilot through this hole. Though I think it’s just for things you have to get into the cockpit last minute. © -LordOfSalem- / Reddit

When was the last time you thought, “My life will never be the same.”?

Preview photo credit jeansonnejordan / Reddit


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