16 People on Whom Nature Bestowed the Greatest Gifts

3 years ago

Nature is not just about an intricate pattern on a butterfly’s wings or a breathtaking landscape. Nature is a real workshop of miracles. Thanks to it, various outlandish animals, birds, and plants appear on this planet. What’s more, some of these creatures possess unique abilities. For example, did you know that trees can transmit a danger signal to each other, while certain types of bamboo can grow 35 inches per day? Yes, the world around us is truly wonderful.

Bright Side became convinced once again that nature always has something to surprise us with, even those who think they have seen everything.

“Look at the pattern on this turtle I helped cross the road.”

“Was treated to this view from my kitchen. Thanks, Universe.”

“This ravishing gentleman graced my presence in High Park on Christmas morning.”

“In Australia, we have our own version of Northern Lights down here in the Southern Hemisphere, called the Aurora Australis!”

“I’ve just moved into an apartment where no one lived for a long time. This surprise was waiting for me in the sink. I put it in a pot to see what plant it is.”

“The way the ice has formed looks like a tiny forest.”

“I think this upside-down tree overcoming adversity to grow in a brick tunnel is really impressive.”

“Look at this beautiful cabbage someone gave my mother for Christmas.”

“Came across 2 beautiful albino deer this morning! I’ve never seen one, let alone 2!”

“The way the light refracted across this pond on my walk today. At first, I thought there was some oil on water, but no.”

“Each blade of grass was carefully frozen in its own ice shell by the wind. Taken yesterday next to Green Lake in Wisconsin.”

“My cat has 7 toe beans on each paw.”

“This flower in our garden looks like a laughing shark.”

“Look at this natural glitch art I found on the east coast of Taiwan.”

“This plant has been trying to stealthily steal my broom for months.”

“There’s a species of fox that only lives on California’s Channel Islands. I was told they were small, but was still surprised when we actually saw one.”

“They are about the size of a house cat and have no fear of humans.”

What amazing things created by nature have you come across?

Preview photo credit xXZizoKingXx / Reddit


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Isn't that plant that came from the sink quite a problem? Like won't it grow back completely?


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