18 Surprising Discoveries That Made People Make a Run for Their Phones

2 years ago

One reason people share things online is to simply bring entertainment to others. Other reasons include defining themselves to other users or getting a feeling of self-fulfillment. Whatever your reason to share content with your online circle is, it’s clear to see that people are more active than ever. And the result of that is getting to experience things we normally wouldn’t if the Internet didn’t exist.

Bright Side couldn’t resist sharing these wonderful discoveries that will prove to you even more how life is like a surprise gift bag.

1. “I found a bug adorned with gold markings.”

2. “This broken flamingo umbrella lost its beak and turned into a shocked fish.”

3. This cat couldn’t be any cuter.

4. Is this receiving your email too?

5. Every laundromat should have its own dog.

6. “A bat flew into my room and it’s now chilling on my couch.”

7. “Someone recreated the Canadian parliament building out of snow.”

8. “These tulips were growing in my closet with no sunlight or water.”

9. “Smart car parking”

10. “Random giant pile of perfectly peeled oranges”

11. “Went on a walk and found a door in the base of the tree.”

12. “There’s an outline of my house on my neighbor’s roof where the sun’s rays are blocked this morning.”

13. “This tomato that looks like 6 small tomatoes infused as one”

14. “This restaurant’s bathroom had a piano in it.”

15. Natural shade at its finest

16. “The fence has holes cut out allowing dogs on walks to greet resident dogs and have access to birdhouses with treats inside.”

17. “It’s only silly if it doesn’t work.”

18. “Hello, Bart.”

Did you see anything lately that made your eyes open wider? What was it and did you share a picture or the story with someone?


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