"Looks Like a Dude," Jennifer Lopez’s Child Displays a Striking Body Modification, Causing a Stir Online

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Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted with her 16-year-old, gender-neutral child, Emme. During their outing, Emme drew attention with their bold fashion statement. This sighting has sparked discussions about body modifications.


Jennifer Lopez was recently seen in Paris with her 16-year-old, gender-neutral child, Emme, whose father is singer Marc Anthony. As she walked, Emme's black-rimmed flesh tunnels, which widen the earlobe to create a hole, stood out prominently.

According to resources, the minimum age for piercings and tattoos is 18 years old, except for ear piercings, which can be done with written parental or guardian consent. However, some believe there is no age limit for stretching your ears yourself.

CPI/KCS/East News

Emme's fashion choices stirred a wave of online reactions. One Facebook user candidly commented, "Not very feminine, looks like a dude," while another pointed out that "She’s rebelling against her Mother."

Jennifer Lopez has shared her challenges of raising teenagers, including the tough moments when her kids don't want to talk to her. Despite being a celebrity, she faces the same parenting hurdles as any mom, always striving to do her best for her children.

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