17 Photos That Vividly Show What Social Media Is Doing to Us

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About 92 million selfies are posted on social media each day, according to a study, not to mention pictures of food, pets, kids, flowers, and sunsets. Living in a world where you can capture any second of your life and immediately share it with your friends, it’s pretty tempting not to take pictures every day. But some people are so eager to share their lives with the world that this practice becomes absolutely hilarious.

1. This is what stepping up your selfie game looks like.

2. “I travel the same way, buddy...”

3. Well, nowadays, you’ll do anything for a cool pic.

4. “She just wanted to take a picture with her food...didn’t think it through though.”

5. The “just drinkin’ some water” selfie

6. If you didn’t take a food pic for Instagram, did you even eat?

7. Insolence, level 80

8. When you need to take a pic but there’s no one around except for Grandma.

9. “So, do you have any special talents?”

10. A true traffic hero!

11. “My girlfriend is always trying to sneak pics of me!”

12. The right angle is everything.

13. When you don’t have a selfie stick, but you’ve got helpful friends:

14. When you need that perfect selfie, better take it with several gadgets, just in case!

15. “If you take a selfie outside our mirrored window, expect to be photographed.”

16. Selfie taking, level 80

17. 5 men, 4 cameras

Have you ever seen photos like these on social media? Feel free to share your funny stories and pictures with us in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Paddy32 / reddit


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those boyfriends are just heroes! They should try to keep them at any cost ?


Girls with their food photos just go on another level ?

do they even realize how ridiculous it all looks?


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