16 Objects People Found in Their Own House That Instantly Took Us to Another Era

3 years ago

Has it ever happened to you that you decide to do a thorough cleaning of your place (or maybe a renovation) and you find objects that you never knew you had? As incredible as it may seem, thousands of people have discovered things and spaces they had never seen in their homes while they were cleaning or renovating. This happened to such an extent that they even decided to share their findings on social media and create a community.

Bright Side picked 16 photos of extremely unique objects that some people found in their own homes, like newspapers from the 1930s and clothing items hiding in secret closets. Take a look!

1. “My dad is renovating his bathroom and found a dress in a walled-off secret closet. It’s handmade from the sixties! The house was built in 1965. I tried it on and then put it back in the wall.”

2. “I found an old newspaper from 1934 under the floorboards of my London house.”

3. “I was renovating my house and found a coke can from when the house was built, in 1997”

4. “This old stamp I found renovating my house from the ’50s”

5. “I found this in a kitchen drawer in my new home.”

“It appears to be some kind of spoon with some kind of sticks sticking out of the handle. It’s about the length of a typical wooden spoon you would find in the kitchen. It has no markings of any kind on it.”

6. “LOL, today I cleaned my home and found these old coins.”

7. “This retro wallpaper I uncovered while renovating my house.”

8. “Clothing brochures. Found inside the floor when renovating my house.”

9. “I’m renovating my house and found a little treasure!”

10. “Renovating my 101-year-old house and found this behind the drywall.”

11. “I’ve been renovating and I found these very old paintings rolled up in a corner. The house is about 100 years old.”

12. “Found while renovating my house. Good luck charm?”

13. “A vogue stitch machine from the 1950s!”

“My family moved into a 1950s house last January. The previous owner left a bunch of stuff in the sunroom attached to the garage. We’re finally cleaning it out and we found treasure! A vogue stitch machine from the 1950s! It weighs about 5,000 pounds.”

14. “Found this in an old house my mom recently bought. I didn’t even know it existed.”

15. “Found an old Monopoly set in the walls of my 1925 house”

16. “Stripping out our garage for a remodel and found this inside the walls. Expiration date reads 04/18/84 on the bottom.”

Have you ever found anything surprising in your home? What’s the most unusual thing you’ve come across? Do you have any pictures? Feel free to share them with us in the comments.


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