20+ People Who Made Their Workdays Anything but Ordinary

2 years ago

Office work might bore us at times, standing still and just looking at the screen for hours, all while keeping track of our emails and making sure we’re not missing anything. It might get really stressful, which is what these people must’ve felt when they decided to turn their workplaces into huge playgrounds.

Here at Bright Side, because we couldn’t decide on who should get the prize, we collected some of the most creative ones for you to enjoy.

1. “Left a surprise for the next guy.”

2. “So a guy at work makes chainmail...”

3. “Start Monday as an apprentice. Anything else you’d want a new apprentice to show up with?”

4. “My altar to Star Wars; also known as my cubicle”

5. “Best friend went on vacation for a week...”

6. “Growing an avocado from my boss’ breakfast!”

7. “Look at this beauty I found outside my job!”

8. “Decided to go mainstream this year at work with the most expected Halloween costume.”

9. “I went on my honeymoon. I was away for 6 weeks. When I arrived back at work, this is what my desk looked like.”

10. “Someone has a case of the Mondays.”

11. “I made saloon doors for my office cubicle.”

12. “My boss told me I could do whatever I want with my desk.”

13. “My new office came with a special colleague!”

14. “Setting up my home office”

15. “Nothing to complain about with today’s office landscape!”

16. “...and then things got weird.”

17. “VP of sales went out of town. Tech support broke into his office.”

18. “Monitor buds are hanging out with me at the office.”

19. “Special-ordered a cake for my office’s potluck.”

20. “The garden desk prank”

21. “Annual pranking of the boss’ office”

22. “Rainy day at work”

What were some extraordinary solutions you found at an ordinary workplace? How do you save your work from becoming boring?

Preview photo credit unknown14521452 / Reddit


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