20+ Cats Who Forgot That They Were Supposed to Be a Source of Cuteness

3 years ago

Some cats hear the words, “Wow, what a sweetheart!” said to them all their lives, while others proudly bear the title of mean and touchy creatures. But we’re ready to bet that it doesn’t bother them at all because their owners don’t stop loving their furry monsters, even when they show their claws again.

We at Bright Side have also often suffered from the quarrelsome nature of our pets, but the cats from this compilation are, of course, above the competition. But one of them tries to be as charming as possible when he can. And you will see how well he does it in the bonus part of our article.

This is my laughing face, human.

I guess, her “world domination” plan got postponed again.

My friend just brought her newborn home, and her cat is super uneasy about it.

Our cat wakes us up by yelling and this is my wife’s solution.

His signature “Oh, I’m so tired of you all” pose

Sphynx owners have already gotten used to their cat’s stretches after sleep. But the very first time, they probably flinched.

He was petting the cat, but the cat got distorted. Probably from happiness.

He has only 4 teeth left. But just look at them!

Say cheese!

“My cat is very sociable.”

“She is screaming at us because it’s been a whole hour since lunch and she’s ’starving,’ poor thing.”

Some cats love to cuddle, and others immediately release their claws.

“My cat is attacking the grass.”

“Go away, human. You don’t belong here.”

“Anytime I pick her up, she makes this face. To her, I’ve overstepped my boundaries.”

So you enter the room, and there...

“I finally managed to capture my cat’s yawn.”

Some cats can scare their owners even with their sleeping habits.

Is it a cat or a monster?

Just try to sit on this chair.

When the cat took both the puzzle and the coffee from you:

This owner is delicious!

And you can’t go anywhere.

“My cat and the neighbor’s cat are going to be ‘good’ buddies.”

When even a knit hat doesn’t add any cuteness:

Because a cat is more important than any incomprehensible gadget.

Bonus: But some “monsters” still try to be cute and charming.

Does your cat like to show their character and release their claws? Have you ever been afraid of their unexpected tricks?

Preview photo credit Unknown / Imgur


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