18 ridiculous cats who don’t understand the meaning of personal space

year ago

There’s no limit to how much our cats both demand attention and expect to be able to do whatever they want. That’s one of the reasons we love them. In many cases, the lengths their willing to go to in order to achieve their aims here can lead to hilarious results.

Here are 18 examples of ridiculous cats failing to understand the rules of personal space.

Scratch me, please.

So long as the cat's happy...

No no, you're doing it wrong! Brush downwards.

We need to talk - face to face!

I just wanted to help you...

Work, my slave, work!

See! I told you Gandalf was alive, and you didn't believe me.

That looks like a great way to keep your arms warm.

Hey. Hey! I'm bored. What are you doing...? 

This is what cat domination looks like.

Look at meee! I'm far more interesting than the internet!

Don't mind us - you keep on playing.

I feel much safer here.

Did you forget your hat today? Let me warm you up...

What? 'Personal space'? What on Earth is that?

Don't breathe and don't move until I've gotten warm.

Well, you really are a terrible artist. I can't bear to look at it any longer!

No concept of privacy. At all!


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