17 Photos That Can Deliver a Fountain of Smiles Today

2 years ago

A little smile goes a long way in brightening someone’s day and making us feel better and more positive. Whether it’s something we witnessed that uplifted our mood or an action that we did that made us happy, there is an opportunity to smile at every corner. However, catching it or letting it slip by is all up to us. All we have to do is accept the chance to smile whenever the universe is generous enough to offer it to us.

Bright Side is a big fan of sights that make our hearts beat with joy. We’ll share some photos that will instantly improve your mood and bring a smile to your lips.

1. ’’Grandma really loves her bubble wrap.’’

2. They are ready to go out into the snow.

3. ’’5 months pregnant and my devoted animals won’t leave me alone.’’

4. ’’My adorable 97-year-old grandma looks so happy talking to my mom on the phone.’’

5. ’’A frog I saw at the zoo’’

6. ’’My cat and dog think they’re the same species or maybe just funny-looking brothers.’’

7. ’’My tiny baby king copper cactus warms my heart.’’

8. ’’My sweet Rick in his favorite sunshine spot’’

9. ’’My dog and my kitten are besties for life.’’

10. ’’My friend’s little kid made her this ’pizza’ keychain.’’

11. ’’My tortoise has a paw print on the bottom of his foot.’’

12. ’’Charlie watching over his lover like a true gentleman’’

13. ’’This man is pushing his dogs in a wheelchair — one is old, and the other had paw surgery. Now that’s love.’’

14. ’’A picture my mom just sent me of my dad and the real love of his life’’

15. ’’My mom has been crocheting Freddy Mercury dolls and auctioning them off for cancer research.’’

16. ’’I woke up to find I have a new tenant, apparently.’’

17. ’’A pit bull and a chihuahua that got adopted together’’

What kinds of situations make you smile the most? Do you believe that the more we react positively to random small events, the bigger opportunities the universe sends our way?

Preview photo credit pigoletto/Reddit


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