20+ People Who Showed-Off Their Hidden Talents

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Some people simply knock the ball out of the park with their sheer talent and imagination. As it often happens with the very gifted, they make everything they do look so easy and effortless, whether it’s painting a wall mural or making an incredibly realistic cake. All of their work is flawless and they deserve recognition for all of their hard work behind the scenes.

The collective talent of these artists really impacted us at Bright Side, so we had to share their work with you all to help them get the publicity they deserve.

1. “I ’grow’ copper on my clay jewelry with electricity.”

2. “Keeping up the belly painting tradition for baby #4.”

3. “A tree armlet that I made with copper wire and a labradorite gemstone. It took me about 2 hours.”

4. “I made a gingerbread version of my family’s house.”

5. “This fall-themed charcuterie board my mom and I made.”

6. “A commission I completed recently!”

7. “Lego table I made for my living room.”

8. “My mom bakes my son’s birthday cake every year and decorates it based on his parties’ theme. This year was bigfoot!”

9. “My 11-year-old kiddo doing what she loves. She’s been working on this one since this afternoon.”

10. “I did Hocus Pocus nails today. All hand painted.”

11. “Things I make from avocado pits.”

12. “My sister and I worked together to try to win her dorm pumpkin carving competition.”

13. “I fashioned a Homer Simpson out of wood and stuck it in my bush.”

14. “I painted on an old hand mirror.”

15. “I just landed my first solo exhibition as a professional artist!”

16. “Went a bit mad putting in the details. Took me 3.5 weeks to finish this painting.”

17. “Awesome dining table I made.”

18. “Really proud of this little pup I made out of wool, hope you like it!”

19. “My fiancé and her amazing art. Here is her latest piece.”

20. “I drew Hokusai’s The Great Wave artwork on my room wall 2.5×2.5 meters.”

21. “A handful of miniature ceramic watermelephants I have been working on recently.”

Do you believe that talent is something you are born with? What is your hidden talent?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit WoodlandMystic / Reddit


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