An Artist Creates Poignant Illustrations That Show Life the Way It Is, and They Can Make Your Soul Cry

3 years ago

The artist Stephan Schmitz lives in Switzerland and creates illustrations for the most renowned magazines in the world. His works describe the different areas of life for a modern person, from family relationships to technology. They aren’t extremely dramatic as it often happens with artistic works of this genre, but the longer you look at them the more you realize how many problems we have to encounter every day.

At Bright Side, we have selected the strongest works of Stephan Schmitz that will make you think deeper about what our world is really like.


“How my depression ruined my wedding”

“Do my possessions define who I am?”

A healthy life for children

A life without addiction

The game

“My husband left me and my family for my best friend!”

The pharmaceutical industry


“I’m cheating on my boyfriend with my boss.”


A father-daughter relationship and unconditional love

“I married the wrong woman!”

Try accepting the things you can’t change.

A married man leaving his wife and kids

Keep going.

Domestic violence

Being afraid of the dark and how to overcome that fear

Loneliness and social media

Which of Stephan Schmitz’s works did you like the best? Tell us in the comments below.


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