14 Pets Whose Love for Their Humans Can’t Be Bought for Any Amount of Money in the World

2 years ago

The bond humans can develop with their pets is really something else. Oftentimes, it’s enough to make your partner jealous of your clingy bond with your pet. But hey, when you know you’re loved by your fuzzy little (and in some cases, not so little) pet, there’s really nothing to complain about.

We at Bright Side are guilty of constantly falling head over heels for our pets, and we really didn’t need a specific occasion to celebrate all the love pets spread in this world by making a compilation of 15 adorable pics.

1. “My dog used to follow me where ever I went...until now.”

2. “The boyfriend went back to work today after Christmas vacation, and I think our puppy misses him.”

3. “My wife went to work for the first time in 3 months. No words are needed.”

4. “This is not what I bought this crib for.”

5. “And some people still don’t love cats.”

6. “Look how much my wife’s cat loves her.”

7. “It’s rewarding to know the love of a cat because they don’t give their love to just anyone. This is a picture of my mom with my cat, Saphira.”

8. “My brother was away for a month. His kitty missed him.”

9. “When I adopted Penny 10 years ago, she was scared and aggressive. Today she is the most loving cat I have ever met.”

10. “My dog thinks my daughter is his baby. They love each other so much. This is how they fell asleep yesterday during nap time.”

11. “The nurses let Henry see Nona for Christmas, and he spent the entire day on her lap.”

12. “The way my dog looks at my boyfriend — she loves him so much!”

13. “My dog likes to cuddle up like a baby.”

14. “I’m pretty convinced that I have the world’s clingiest cat. This is what happens when I tell him he can’t sit on my lap while I’m trying to work.”

Which of these pics do you think best captures the love pets have for their owners? Share any aww-dorable pics of your pets and we might just share them in our next articles.

Preview photo credit chefinite / Reddit


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