5 Logic Riddles That Require a Good Imagination

4 years ago

It's said that all geniuses are a bit crazy. To solve the riddles included in this article, you'll need to think outside the box and try not to take the riddles too seriously!

Bright Side put a bonus riddle at the end that has no clear right-or-wrong answer. The solution depends only on your imagination.


In one psychiatric hospital, there is a head physician and several patients. After the new medicine intake, all patients suddenly caught a strange "disease" and they always tried to bite someone once a day. Fortunately, this side effect lasted only for one week. When everything was fine again, the doctor noticed that each patient had 2 bites. But the doctor was bitten 100 times.

How many patients were there in the hospital?


One patient in the psychiatric hospital is a pathological liar. He isn't dangerous but each day, he imagines a new job and tries to convince everyone he is a professional. To prove it, a doctor gives him job-related tasks with one condition: if he copes with them, it means he is telling the truth and then he can go home. But the patient always names the wrong jobs and fails the tests.

Once in the morning, he says, "I'm a blacksmith, I'm absolutely sure!"

So the doctor gave him 5 different chains that each have 3 links and asked to make one chain. He could separate and combine only 3 links. The doctor was really surprised when his patient nailed it. The next day, he was sent home.

How did the blacksmith manage to complete the task?


In one small town, there was an old clockmaker. Everyone thought he was insane. He was a hermit and was very preoccupied with his clock. Once, he created the most magnificent clock in the world. All the rich people wanted to get this clock and offered huge amounts of money, but the old man declined their offers. One day, he said, "If one of you solve one riddle, I'll give you my clock." Lots of people wanted to get it so by noon, a huge crowd gathered by his shop.

The clockmaker took 9 pocket watches and said, "These watches should be placed on display in 10 rows, 3 items in a row.

One person solved this riddle in 10 minutes and got the masterpiece. Can you solve the riddle?


There were some thefts in a supermarket. There were 3 cases in total: in January, April, and June. The security camera recorded the videos:

The security officer tried to have a closer look and suddenly noticed one detail and everything became clear.

What did he notice?

1. Bonus

In a psychiatric hospital, a painter was painting the walls in the main hall. The paint was non-toxic so calm patients were allowed to be there and watch the painter do his work. When the painter was painting one of the walls, a patient came up to him and they had the following conversation:

What did the patient answer?

Tip: try to solve this riddle with the help of humor.



There were 20 patients in the hospital.

Solution: if we mark the number of patients as X, the total number of bites in a week is 7X, the number of bites among patients is 2X. Thus, the number of doctor's bites equals to 7X - 2X that equals to 100 due to the riddle:

7Х − 2Х = 100

Х = 20


The blacksmith separated 3 links of one chain and connected 4 chains using these 3 links:


It's possible to put 9 watches in 10 rows (3 watches in 1 row) this way:


It was the pregnant woman. The security officer noticed that in January she looked about 6-7 months pregnant. In June, she looked the same.


We think that the patient's answer was really elegant and logical:

Do you agree with all answers? Or did you come up with different ones? Share with us in the comments!

Illustrated by Igor Polushin for Bright Side


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For the last riddle with the paint guy, I thought the patient asked him "Is the paint you're using toxic?"


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