17 Unconventional Ideas We Are Not Sure How to Feel About

2 years ago

It’s incredible what people can create using an old walker or a bunch of zip ties. Finding solutions to everyday problems and fixing things that are broken can be quite expensive at times. That’s why it’s always fun to experiment with DIY projects that can be equally good as the more traditional fixes.

Bright Side is amazed at how some people design stuff using things they have lying around.

1. “My mom used my dad’s old walker as a grill stand.”

2. “Water redirector”

3. “A tube TV dies, a table born.”

4. A garage extension

5. “I see nothing wrong with this.”

6. If it works, then it can’t be silly.

7. “This is safe, right? Eh, who cares, it works.”

8. “My homemade toolbox”

9. “License plate holder, kinda”

10. “My 70-year-old grandpa made a barbecue pit out of an old gambling machine.”

11. “Although it’s not terribly elaborate, this is an incredibly effective method for drying shoes if you have a large box fan.”

12. “Bicycle fishing pole holder”

13. If it strains the water, then why not use it?

14. Piping at its finest.

15. “The bathroom mirror mirroring away”

16. Homemade alarm system.

17. “Steering wheel broke, needed to finish the yard. Thankfully I know how to drive a stick.”

Have you ever designed something so fascinating that looked unusual but served its purpose just perfectly?

Preview photo credit xarzilla / reddit


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