20 People Who Should Try Their Luck at the Casino

2 years ago

The phrase, “Today is my lucky day,” is widely recognized for a reason. It serves to show that no matter who you are, where you are, or what you do, luck can come into your life eventually. Whether it means finding a leaf showing all stages of its life, or meeting a random person who has the same tattoos as you, it’s more than enough to make your day better and put a huge smile on your face.

Bright Side most definitely believes in good luck, so we’d like to show you 20 instances that will hopefully bring you some fortune of your own.

1. “I was at a wedding and met a woman with the same wrist tattoos as me.”

2. “My Reece’s cup had 17 extra wrappers on it.”

3. “Opened a pack of peanut M&M’s, and they’re all green.”

4. “This Kinder Egg with a smaller Kinder Egg inside”

5. “We were seconds away from losing our home to the California fire.”

6. “3 eggs, 3 double yolks — I’m feeling lucky, might go buy a scratcher.”

7. “I got 2 fruit roll-ups in a single wrapper.”

8. “One of the fortune cookies was double-yolked!”

9. “Popeyes gave me 2 breasts on my chicken sandwich.”

10. “This rock I found was full of fossil shells.”

11. “This ’twin’ banana I found”

12. “I found a triangle-shaped rock.”

13. “My sister got a mini starfish in her mussels.”

14. “This pearl I found in an oyster I was eating”

15. “I found 10 4-leaf clovers.”

16. “I once found a leaf showing all stages of its life.”

17. “There was a single tomato in my sugar snap peas bag.”

18. “A 10-carat Australian sapphire I found in a creek”

19. “A huge marshmallow in my Lucky Charms”

20. “My orange was pregnant.”

Have you ever captured one of your luckiest moments or findings? Please show us how lucky you are!


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Weren't Kinder surprise eggs banned bcoz of choking hazard?


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