17 Shopping Fails People Had to Deal With

2 years ago

Studies show that shopping doesn’t just bring us pleasure, but it also helps us feel in control of our lives. So when you feel down, you can go buy something new. However, sometimes shopping can end up not as expected.

At Bright Side, we hope you never have to experience shopping fails like these.

“I had a lot of a laughs when that inflatable thing came in.”

“I bought period underwear.”

“These 2 bras are labeled as the same size.”

“My wife just bought a new dress. Now I need to throw the car off a cliff.”

“This can of chips I just bought”

“The expensive sports bra I bought”

“I bought ’silver’ wrapping paper, only to find out it’s clear.”

“What I thought I bought vs what I got”

“This is what my super expensive couch looks like 2 years after buying it.”

“The tag on my new sports bra had 24 pages.”

“My friend bought the mask of Walter White from Breaking Bad.”

“Those 2 dots are the cream.”

“Just don’t order anything from social media ads.”

“These alligator socks I bought my partner for Christmas”

“I ordered a dress shirt online and it came with a security tag still attached.”

“A hair styling doll I bought for my daughter”

“I was so excited to get this new dress and then I noticed something, which is now all I can see. The pattern is misaligned.”

Have you ever had shopping failures? Tell us about them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit littlelott / Reddit


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