18 Thrifted Items That People Couldn’t Believe They Were So Lucky to Discover

2 years ago

Most people believe that only those with a lower income would shop from thrift and charity stores, but that’s far from the truth. Recently, way people from the middle class have started to visit thrift stores more often. And the truth is that thrifted items shouldn’t be associated with somebody’s income. Sometimes people find things at unbelievable prices that people with any money would be quick to buy.

Bright Side is amazed at how many gems you can find at thrift and charity stores and would like to encourage you to shop there more often.

1. “The complete and utter opposite of what I’d usually wear, but for $5.00 I thought I’d try it out.”

2. “My latest thrift find. These 14 K gold moon earrings.”

3. “Catch and Release: Froggy Phone”

4. “Good day at Goodwill”

5. “Estate sale find of my life.”

6. “After 4 months of searching, I found the pink harebell lamp.”

7. “I finally found a wooden moon staircase for $4.”

8. “$20 for the entire lot at the flea market! Looks like at least 3 different sets.”

9. “Year of the tiger, snagged off marketplace for a steal.”

10. “Coolest piece of furniture I’ve ever found thrifting — $30.”

11. “Vintage Christian Dior two-piece set from goodwill for $5.99.”

12. “$50!!! They knew what they had, but honestly cheaper than I would have paid.”

13. “Rain lamp find for $15.99!”

14. “This is my find of the day, a pink instax mini 9 in perfect condition with its case and an unused cartridge in it! $5”

15. “Found this guys just chilling at the thrift shop.”

16. “Vintage 1960’s Pepito Portable Record Player $3.99”

17. “Vintage ’80s wrap dress that reminds me of space.”

18. A strawberry stove-top kettle.

Have you ever found anything super precious and very cheap at a thrift store? Did you buy it, and how long did it last?

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