20 People Who Lost a Heavy Load and Have Grown Wings Behind Their Backs

3 years ago

As the saying goes, if there is a will, there is a way! There is no magical pill, nor a magical food that will automatically help you lose weight over a span of time. Since it is a fight of wills between the mind and the body, there are enough obstacles out there that will try to encourage you to diverge — unless you are very inspired.

We at Bright Side are excited to share the stories of these people who initiated an inspiring change in their lives. Hopefully, it will serve you well to stay motivated and just keep on going!

1. “Same spot, 5 years & 252 lbs apart!”

2. “Crazy how much weight I carried in my face and everywhere else.”

3. “Forward momentum, no matter how small, is always movement in the right direction!”

4. “A complete 360° transformation is possible!”

5. “Joined the gym exactly one year ago today and committed to making a change.”

6. “From grandma’s tablecloth to much more fashionable choices.”

7. “Joined Slimming World UK in July 2017 to May 2020”

8. “Junior to Senior Prom. The same man, new me.”

9. “Hey look Ma, I made it.”

10. “Finally got under 150! Been struggling with my mental health lately and trying to keep motivated to avoid comfort foods.”

11. “Only took me 18 months, 335 to 194.”

12. “72 kg of weight loss in 9 months”

13. “I always thought I had a naturally round face, but that’s apparently not the case. It feels so nice to finally have a jawline!”

14. “Weight loss progress”

15. “Dropped nearly 3 stone since New Year’s Day.”

16. “Same patio, much happier person sitting there!”

17. Another huge weight loss progress win!

18. “Finally developed a good relationship and balance with food and exercise.”

19. “Never give up on yourself!”

20. “2 years on & off”

Were you inspired by these people to lose weight? Which one of them had the craziest change to their bodies?

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Just when I thought I heard all the weird units they bring out "stone" ... -_- :D


The girl on number 2 looks so much better, weight loss really did wonders for her!


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