20 Designers Who Got Way Too Creative for This World

2 years ago

You don’t need to be a professional designer to know when you see a great product or appreciate the creative force behind it. Some designs are simply over the top and wacky as designers let their creative juices flow. And people have been lucky enough to witness some of these weird (but wonderful) products and share them online.

Because at Bright Side we encourage everyone to find their inner child and creative mind, we are sharing some inspiring designs that are a step apart from the rest.

1. “My dad saw this interesting vehicle at a truck stop yesterday.”

2. “These shoes that I saw on the metro”

3. “I bought this cool lightbulb at the hardware store today.”

4. “This pizza delivery vehicle I saw”

5. “A green train!”

6. “This giant crochet bowl of ramen I saw in the mall”

7. “This fully functional ’Lego phone’ I’ve had since childhood”

8. “These high-heel chucks”

9. This mug with a twist

10. “Found my dad’s old phone.”

11. “A robot cat waiter at my local restaurant”

12. “The new bike locks in my town are...bike locks!”

13. “Korean 3-finger fried chicken gloves”

14. “Our local shop grows its own salads and herbs on site.”

15. These Elmo fur-trimmed platform crocs

16. “The top of this fence is cut to look like a city skyline.”

17. “This store in the mall was selling crop top flannel shirts.”

18. “This ’waste-reducing’ hotel bar soap that’s ’designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars.’”

19. This creative desk lamp chandelier

20. “I got contacted by a superfoods company to make smoothie recipes using their products!!!”

What creative passions do you have? What product has made you stop in your tracks and stare?


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