20 Examples of How the Passage of Time and Constant Use Can Affect Objects

2 years ago

Since buying products became an easy and even fun activity, we can’t stop using our money to replace what we have for something brand new. Even though using objects to their full potential is getting less and less common. Still, there are some examples of things that we love so much or that are so useful, we can’t just let go of them.

So, in the name of the products that were really useful to people, Bright Side decided to gather these examples to show the impressive transformation that they go through over time.

1. “Day 1 vs Year 7”

2. “My 3-year-old daughter’s much-loved rabbit, and its Christmas identical replacement”

3. “Finally got a new brush after 3+ years of use.”

4. “Same sweater, approximately 10 years difference”

5. “My daughter’s well-loved Pip vs Brand-new”

6. “$500 bundles of $1 bills, Uncirculated vs Circulated”

7. “My brother’s ‘Ty’ calico cat 20 years apart, from his childhood vs The one I gifted him for his last birthday”

8. “My girlfriend replaced my favorite hat for me for Christmas.”

9. “A 2-year filled bullet journal compared with a fresh one for the new year.”

10. “Some people thought my 7-year-old SpongeBob wallet belonged here.”

11. “New vs ~2 month old Scotch-Brite pad”

12. “Old vs New Monopoly pieces”

13. “Out with the old, in with the new!”

14. “These boots were made for walking... 4 years of wear and found the same boot still available!”

15. “2 decks of cards, one deck used daily, one deck just opened”

16. “My 20-year-old panda I got as a kid on the left vs A brand new one I got for Christmas on the right”

17. “Mom’s kitchen towel”

18. “This wooden spoon my mom has had for 30+ years.”

19. “My puppy’s favorite unicorn and its Christmas replacement”

20. “A mini notebook I use for work vs A brand-new one”

Have you used an object so much that it’s now almost unrecognizable? If so, tell us all about it in the comments, and we would love to see it!


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