I Didn’t Want My Ex’s Wife at My Son’s Graduation — The Result Was Devastating

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2 weeks ago

Special events are supposed to unite and strengthen family bonds. However, they can become tricky in blended families. On her son’s graduation day, Kirsten requested her ex-husband not to bring his wife due to their strained relationship. Unexpectedly, the situation escalated, leaving Kirsten seeking guidance from us.

This is Kirsten’s letter:

It’s okay for you to feel hurt and it sounds like you wanted your ex-husband to come to your grad party with your son, why? You are isolating the wrong person, it was your husband who hurt you. Wanting to spend time with him instead of the woman who respected you enough not to attend your son’s graduation indicates that you would be okay with being hurt/disrespected again. Your son seems to be learning to disrespect you as well and it will be up to you to establish healthy communication boundaries with him. I would encourage you to begin learning to love yourself and instead of crying for the night take what you bought back and use the money to go somewhere fun. Your son is 18 now and graduated and his father seems to be very present in his life so take the time you need to plant flowers, go on trips, buy yourself things, eat your favorite foods and recognize that you’ve managed to raise a son without your partner supporting you and give yourself the love you need and deserve. 🌸💕🌺


Kirsten, thank you for sharing your story with us. We have some tips that we hope can be helpful to you.

Open communication with your son.

Sit down with your son in a calm setting and express your feelings. Explain why you felt it was important to have his graduation celebration without his stepmother, focusing on your desire to create a special memory with him.

Listen to his perspective without interrupting. This could help rebuild trust and understanding between you two.

Reach out to your ex-husband.

Consider having a candid conversation with your ex-husband about the incident. Discuss the importance of co-parenting amicably and respecting each other’s boundaries during significant events.

This could help prevent similar conflicts in the future and foster a more cooperative relationship for your son's sake.

Reflect on your boundaries.

Reflect on whether your request for your son's stepmother to be absent was necessary, or if it stemmed from unresolved feelings about your ex-husband's remarriage.

Consider whether a more inclusive approach could benefit your son’s relationships and his experience of family events. Working with a therapist might help in navigating these emotions and finding healthier ways to set boundaries.

Create a new celebration tradition.

Since the graduation party did not go as planned, consider creating a new tradition with your son that focuses on your unique bond. This could be a special outing or activity that you both enjoy and can look forward to for future milestones.

By establishing a new tradition, you can create meaningful memories and strengthen your relationship without the presence of his stepmother being an issue. This approach helps shift the focus to positive, shared experiences between just the two of you.

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