14 Habits That Are Like a Red Rag to a Bull

5 years ago

The ability to be appealing to other people is not an easy thing to figure out. There is an art to it and one of the most important things to remember is to follow proper etiquette. Being unpleasant seems to be an innate ability for some people.

We at Bright Side decided to prove this and made a list of actions that make almost everybody really angry.

1. Long hair looks great unless it’s on someone else’s table or in someone’s face.

2. Close the door in public toilets. Not everyone wants to see new people in the bathroom.

3. People don’t like watching others playing with their pens, especially if they’re really nervous.

4. Eating strong smelling food on any kind of public transportation (bus, train, or even taxi) is frowned upon.

5. When talking to a person, please don’t stare at them the whole time.

6. Don’t try to fix your nails in a public place, even if you think you really need to.

7. There are special accessories for making the fingers wet for people who work with papers, money, books, and so on. So there’s no need to lick your fingers.

8. People that dress like this don’t respect others.

9. Not everyone likes contact with strangers.

10. If someone starts tapping on the desk, people around them get really nervous.

11. Backpacks and legs are not people, they don’t require separate seats.

12. When someone sends several short texts instead of one long one:

13. When you give your friend your phone to see one photo and they start looking through all of them:

14. The presence of boys in girls’ locker rooms freaks everyone out.

Do you recognize anybody you know on this list?

Illustrated by Ekaterina Gandrabura for Bright Side


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