19 Thrifty People Who Know How to Save Money on Regular Things

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2 years ago

The heroes of today’s article know exactly how to save money without missing out on anything, and they decided to share their knowledge online. Some of them did it with the help of their skillful hands, while others used their keen minds. And the examples that are most inspiring show how old items can be upcycled.

At Bright Side, we admire examples of such conscious consumption. Who knew that you could freshen up the tiles in your bathroom at almost no cost or make a cat house out of an old TV set?

1. “A friend of mine gave me these 30-year-old speakers for free because the foam was disintegrated.”

“I spent $30 on a foam kit and a couple of hours in the evening and they’re good as new. I love fixing things!”

2. “I upgraded the floor for $35.”

3. “I’m using dollar store dryer balls as shiatsu massage balls. In the past, I purchased the same type of balls from my physiotherapist for $40. These cost $1.25 at the dollar store and work just as well.”

4. “Have a crappy desk chair that offers no back support? Slide a pillowcase over it with a firm, fluffy pillow.”

5. “I refinished a bunch of Applaro pieces from Facebook Marketplace for our patio! After hours of sanding, staining, and polishing, I’m super happy with the outcome.”

6. “Instead of buying a new $300 chandelier, I bought this antique one for $40 and spent a few hours buffing it clean.”

7. “Trim laundry scoops to prevent overuse (and waste).”

8. “I needed something to support my plant, so I used chopsticks.”

9. “I haven’t gotten my nails done in over a year. I’ll take imperfection + $400 saved any day.”

10. “A broken television becomes a new bed and a toy for a kitten. That’s how you save $20 at a pet store for a comfy new spot.”

11. “Every pair of jeans that starts to wear out become jorts in this household.”

12. “I fixed my purse after breaking it instead of throwing it out. It’s a small mend job, but I’m pretty proud of it.”

13. “A new dog collar from an old belt — I cut it down and drilled new holes.”

14. “Instead of buying brand new pieces, my significant other is saving us money by painting over old wall art she’s tired of and mimicking what she sees in stores.”

15. “Instead of buying a strap that costs more than the watch itself, I made a new one with stuff I already had.”

16. “After our shower was renovated, the curtain rod sat several inches higher than the old one. Instead of buying a new shower curtain, I bought a few packs of shower curtain rings for about $6 to make it long enough!”

17. “My pillowcase kept sliding off. Instead of buying a new one, I just made 2 slits and tied a ribbon through it to hold the case!”

18. “I made new covers for my headphones. They’re very comfy.”

19. “I fixed the armchair by sewing on cat scratching pads.”

What do you like to save money on? And what would you never pinch pennies on? Tell us in the comments below.

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Some of this I feel is very... not privileged, but tbh the majority of laymen couldn't do more than a handful of these DIY hacks.


As a kid my mom would always change my jeans into shorts too! That was a nice little trip down memory lane :D


number 4 confuses me, man you really should just get a proper chair if you are having back pain. This is one of the best things you can spend money on if you sit a lot


there's a fine line between wanting to save money and being a chepaskate xD some of them are very sleazy. buy your cat a proper place to sleep! when he grows up he won't fit in there! and a cat bed doesn't cost that much!!


when boiling the jug to make coffee i only boil 1 cup of water. Don't boil 4 cups then 3 for your second coffee. You wasted electricity on 5 cups that are not used. Multiply that by the 90 day duration of your electricity consumption before your bill arrives.


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