15 Times People Were Unprepared for What Happened Next

2 years ago

Some people just aren’t ready for how unpredictable life can be. From catching their kid trying to drink from an orange with a straw to seeing a lady in full crochet, the world constantly put us all to the test. Fortunately, people often share these events online and turn them into amusing anecdotes.

Bright Side hopes you enjoy this compilation of moments that took people by surprise.

1. “I took a peek into my kid’s room to see if she was sleeping.”

2. “He asked me for a straw for his orange juice. Went back to see this.”

3. “Caught my cat just casually living in a different realm of gravity.”

4. “Guys help. I don’t own a cat.”

5. “The balcony of the apartment I rented, with a center city view.”

6. “I got caught off guard when I saw my carpet in a video game.”

7. “Found the Goldens holding hands at puppy play hour.”

8. “I wasn’t allowed to play much, so I woke up earlier than everyone and played with the sound on mute. Until I got caught.”

9. “Uh, excuse me...”



10. “Someone is wearing this in my chemistry class. Potassium, I guess.”

11. “I washed a blanket with my clothes and it basically disintegrated.”

12. “Someone put a SpongeBob pillow in front of a window at our school and now he’s watching us menacingly.”

13. “I missed my exit for Spooky Town and I’m now in Horror-ville.”

14. “I woke up from my nap and this guy had found a new place to sleep.”

15. “A lady walked by me today in full crochet, purse included.”

What has recently left you completely surprised? If you have any similar pics or stories of your own, bring them to the comments!

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