17 People That Might Need a Reassuring Warm Hug ASAP

2 years ago

There isn’t much we can do to tell how our day will unfold. Some days are good. Some days are normal. Some are bad. And some days... well, we just need a warm, reassuring hug.
Studies have shown that a sincere hug can save the day. For example, a hug helps the body release feel-good hormones, reduce stress, decrease cholesterol, and increase the strength of the immune system. And boy do we need one when things go south! A comforting hug can indeed undo a bad day.

Bright Side has gathered 17 pictures that will make you scream “oh honey” and run to give these people a compassionate hug immediately!

1. Trying to enjoy my shower at this Airbnb.

2. A truck carrying a tank of white paint dropped it on the road.

3. “Husband tried to apologize for some stuff by making me a candlelit bath...The glass container was um...a little too spicy for the plastic bathtub.”

4. Imagine chilling in your garden and then...a truck hits your house.

5. “Wife tried to clean my cast iron. How much alimony should I get?”

6. A gallon of chocolate milk doesn’t seem like much until you have to clean it off the floor.

7. “I washed a blanket with my clothes and it basically disintegrated.”

8. A glass just fell and shattered inside a fresh bowl of rice.

9. The dog just destroyed some $250 Air Pods.

10. At least the room smells good.

11. Eating lunch at my desk did not go as planned.

12. Ladies and gentlemen, Pizza Night is officially ruined.

13. “So... My brother pulled a ‘prank’ and did this... We don’t have a key.”

14. Tip of the day: If you are going to dye your hair, make sure the glove isn’t torn.

15. Lesson learned, never eat a steak with a plastic fork.

16. “I’m trying to even out my tan during my lunch break.”

i used to get tans like that, work outside all day no shirt but had to wear pants does this to u


17. “My first drive in a car I just bought.”

If you could only give one hug, which one of the “victims” would you give it to? Don’t forget to share a situation with us where you needed a hug!


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