19 Hysterical Photos Proving That Parents Must Have Nerves of Steel

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5 years ago

Of course, children make us happy. But sometimes they do things we either hate or laugh at. For example, when they trash an entire room with Legos or choose soap as their present.

Bright Side found stories about some things that children do that can’t be explained with logic.

This kid is an evil genius.

This little girl climbed into the machine and passed out free toys.

“It was my birthday yesterday and my daughter gave me this.”

“Met my nephew today for the first time. I’m the only redhead he’s ever met other than his mommy.”

He was just riding for a second.

Little long jumper

Well, she’s not wrong...

This little kid is seeing bright Christmas decorations for the first time.

“I took him shopping on his birthday. I promised we would buy anything he wanted. He chose soap.”

“My little brother learned how to use the water dispenser for our fridge and...”

“The day I have been dreading my entire adult life has arrived.”

This guy in the back is really worried about his friend. Just look at him.

“Our speakers weren’t sounding right. Husband checked the subwoofer...”

“So my son had a root canal today.”

He is so confident!

Above average student

Maybe she has always wanted to be a unicorn.

“She’s studying... But books don’t shine.”

“I’ll get the small doppelgänger next time.”

Bonus: All kids are the same no matter the species...

Do you remember any epic things that your children did? Tell us in the comment section below.

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