15 Tired Kids Show Us That There’s No “Right” Place or Time to Take a Nap

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2 years ago

Falling asleep on the toilet or even standing up — when you see the places and positions these tiny humans passed out in, you’ll likely want to try them out too. They look so comfortable and show us that we can fall asleep just about anywhere if we’re tired enough.

People on the Internet posted pics of their kids sleeping in weird places, and we at Bright Side wanted to share them with all of you.

1. “Daycare sent me this picture. Apparently, my son was very tired.”

2. “Not sure if she was trying to hide or be funny but she fell asleep like this.”

3. “This is how my son fell asleep tonight. I’m jealous.”

4. “I give you my brother, circa 1989, who fell asleep whilst eating a ham sandwich!”

5. “My friend’s nephew fell asleep like this.”

6. “My daughter fell asleep like this while watching a baseball game with me.”

7. “My son fell asleep on the stairs.”

8. “My son fell asleep on my head.”

9. “My son fell asleep jumping in his bouncer and kept jumping in his sleep.”

10. “My 1-year-old son skipped his nap and was fell asleep while eating dinner”

11. “My nephew fell asleep holding a puppy.”

12. “My nephew fell asleep like this. Not sure what he was doing...”

13. “The way my brother’s son fell asleep while he was watching cartoons with his bro”

14. “My niece fell asleep mid-play.”

15. “The position my kid fell asleep in”

Which one is your favorite? Has your kid ever fallen asleep in a weird spot? Or maybe you have!

Preview photo credit natedub00 / reddit


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it's like their brains just stop working at one moment haha


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