18 Situations That Confused People to the Core

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Curiosity can typically be categorized into several types. There’s the kind of curiosity for when we see something that we don’t understand (like an itch we need to scratch). And then there’s the kind of inquisitiveness that inspires scientific research. There are many things that could trigger our curiosity too — from rare finds and confusing pictures to bizarre scenarios.

Bright Side found 18 photos that probably raised imaginary question marks on top of people’s heads, and they might urge you to look for answers as well.

1. “My hands have different sizes, shapes, and colors.”

2. Rock or baked potato?

3. “My friend and his scuba diver doll”

4. “The plane I’m in is super foggy for some reason.”

It's very common in hot and humid places like Vietnam. When the airplane sits for a while and then the AC is turned on, the cool air causes fog in the plane until the interior of the plane cools down.


5. “I have an autoimmune disorder that has made my natural hair color change 3 times in the last month.”

6. “This banana car”

7. “This sign on a bike path in New Zealand warning us about ’frisky cows’”

8. “The way this can of spray foam exploded”

9. “Dental crowns don’t glow under black light.”

10. “Don’t let the headhunters find him.”

11. “My friend uses scissors to cut pizza.”

12. “This garage door”

حتما در انتظار بشقاب است تا صدای بوق را شنید دکمه باز شدن را فشار دهد


13. “My sister lives in Florida and sends me some weird pictures of people. This was the most recent.”

14. “This bald bird”

15. “These 2 bananas I bought at the same time ripened at different speeds.”

16. “I took a picture of a ladybug riding a snail!”

17. This semi-transparent building

18. “Are those cars underwater?”

When you see something curious, do you want to get to the bottom of it right away, or do you usually just let it go? Have you captured any weird scenarios lately? Drop your thoughts and pics in the comment section.


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