19 Witty People Who Love Saving the Planet Just as Much as Saving Their Money

2 years ago

People who are concerned about the future of our planet try their best to live by the principle of zero waste. They are ready to upcycle anything, even items that are not supposed to be upcycled. Do you want to make panties out of an old T-shirt? Piece of cake. Do you want to invent reusable toilet paper? No problem.

At Bright Side, we can’t stop admiring people who’ve managed to conquer their inner shopaholic. Besides, they save quite a bit of money.

1. “Couldn’t get rid of this ugly stain right in the middle of the shirt, used some old die to make a cool patchy shirt instead!”

2. “Here’s a cat tree I made a while ago. Still doing its job.”

3. “Saved this from the landfill this weekend!”

“And this is just one night. Kind of causes an existential crisis to try to think of everything that is tossed across the planet in a single day...” © mosomedve216 / Reddit

4. “$1 underwear made from 2 shirts — and I have some of each color leftover. Only the thread is brand new.”

5. “I convinced my friend not to throw away his old fencing and to let me build him garden boxes.”

6. “I knitted a sweater made entirely of old, scrap yarns I had lying around.”

7. “Today I retired my 13-year-old cardboard box.”

8. “Onion skins are a natural dye with zero waste. Boil skins with vinegar and let them sit for at least 24 hours.”

9. “I’ve been using this rock as a lint roller for the past 2 years. We use it as decoration when it’s not a lint roller.”

10. “I picked up a used cardigan that turned out to look much better in the picture than in person. So I turned it back into yarn and crocheted the yarn into a cat bed.”

11. “I made these reusable sandwich bags from upcycled fabric and a dollar-store shower curtain. It’s cheap and can be used for years if it’s well taken care of.”

12. “I crocheted washcloths from natural jute thread. They wash dishes perfectly.”

13. “The handle broke on the pot lid. Some scrap wood and a spare screw later, it’s good as new.”

14. “I made my first cloth pad!”

15. “I made reusable makeup remover pads from microfiber rags.”

16. “My collection of paper towels and toilet paper rolls are finally becoming this year’s seed starter pods.”

17. “Here are a few pieces of furniture that I’ve upcycled. They were thrown out by somebody, so I picked them up, upcycled them (with a new coat of paint, new fabric, polish, etc.), and gave them a new lease on life.”

18. “I saved $15 by making my own DIY portable bidet using a pump cleanser instead of buying a new product. Toilet paper-free, environment-friendly, and money-saving!”

19. “I couldn’t forgive myself if I wasted a scrap of this pretty fabric!”

Do you produce a lot of waste? Do you try to upcycle anything? Share your projects in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in July 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit jellyflesh / Reddit


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lol I've never thought a rock can be used as a link roller


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