21 Everyday Things That Prove Japan Isn’t Just a Country, but a Totally Different Planet

3 years ago

Japan is always looking for ways to improve things, and give a little extra to its people. For example, a Japanese company came up with an ingenious idea of combining a memo pad you can use and a sculpture you can build with each sheet you remove. It makes for the perfect souvenir that is both practical and beautiful.

Bright Side has found some of these unique made-in-Japan items so we can all marvel at how much thought went into making them.

1. A humidifier that looks like a tiny Godzilla roaring

2. With this WalkCar, you can actually keep your vehicle in your bag so there’s no need for parking.

3. Samurai sword scissors so you can feel like a Japanese warrior every time you cut something

4. A lamp that looks like it’s melting

5. A mailbox in the shape of a Game Boy

6. Shoes that you can wrap around your feet

7. Candles that are so detailed they look like real Japanese food

8. Bookends that look like Tokyo’s back alley at night

9. Shoe deodorizer that eliminates away your smelly feet nightmares

10. Minimalistic hammock for your pet that uses a T-shirt you can easily replace when it gets dirty

11. Frogs keep you company at the station, because they’re a sign that travelers will return home safe.

12. Air-conditioned construction worker jacket

13. Teacup-shaped balconies in a building located at Kitchen Town

14. Have your favorite animals float in your tea with these animal teabags.

15. A sandwich presser that carves adorable minions into your bread

16. Fight obesity with a device that recreates flavor without you having to eat food.

17. A luxury leather bag for carrying your mini snowman, so it won’t be easily destroyed

18. Adopt a pet robot that can recognize faces, express emotions, and come to you when called.

19. Memo pads let you unravel beautiful Japanese scenes with each new sheet you peel.

20. A perfect companion you can interact with that can understand human emotions and react accordingly

21. A chair that can be converted into a helmet and back armor in case of an earthquake.

What other fascinating Japanese things have you seen or bought? Share your pictures with us in the comments!


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