15 Pics That Show Us the Ruthless Power of Time

2 years ago

Time holds no prisoners, and this saying is as powerful as it is true. Sooner or later, time catches up with everything and everyone. From people to cars, trees, and buildings, its mark is present on everything.

We at Bright Side marveled at the dazzling artwork the effect of time imprints, and we compiled 15 pics that convey just how powerful its grip can be.

1. An old tree in Petra, Jordan

2. “My dad’s cat has been scratching the same leg of this bench for the past decade.”

3. This basketball court after years of being played on

4. A sink worn by years of dripping soap

5. The flooring in the waiting area at this pizzeria is so worn out, you can see the old floor.

6. An abandoned anchor

7. “Identical bowls from the same boxed set: the right has been in use for 2 decades, and the left is a spare brought out to replace a broken bowl.”

8. “A watch that I found — nature had turned it into a mini terrarium.”

9. “This standing spot in front of the elevator buttons at work”

10. “A coin taped down in my father’s baby book stayed clean under the tape only.”

11. “My wife’s baby blanket that she still keeps under her pillow (TV remote for scale)”

12. An old leaf worn over time

13. “This wallet from Morocco belonged to 3 people before it was mine.”

14. “This key I’ve worn as a necklace almost every day over the past 7 years finally wore through today.”

15. “The western staircase leading to the roof of the Temple of the Goddess Hathor in Egypt — it’s 2,300 years old.”

Which one of these pics conveys the power of time the best? Do you have any similar pics?


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