The Image That Can Reveal Your Deepest Fear

2 years ago

Knives, caterpillars, butterflies, and apples have one thing in common: they can reveal your fears. The sight of some scary clown or a spider crawling toward you might have you jumping out of your seat but there are certain fears lurking in your subconscious mind and you might not even be aware of their existence.

Here at Bright Side, we want to tap into your deep subconscious to help you understand what you’re truly afraid of. Just take a look at the image and pay attention to the first image that pops up.

What do you see first?

1. If you saw the butterfly:

You fear someone might betray you. You tend to be more distrusting, probably due to having been hurt and rejected by others. Butterflies can also symbolize a traumatic event from your childhood or having been rejected in the workplace. When we go through an experience of this sort and our brain is not able to process this, it will resurface when a similar situation triggers that memory.

2. If you saw the apple:

Seeing the apple first means your greatest fear is death. This might not be such a huge revelation since we’re all scared of it. But the thing is, you’re actually afraid of losing someone very close to you. You’re a loving person who cares about others and it’s likely that this fear is based on a traumatic experience. Losing someone in the past might have left a lasting scar on your subconscious mind.

3. If you saw the caterpillar:

Have you ever heard of the term phasmophobia? If you saw the caterpillar, then you might have a subconscious fear of paranormal activity, like seeing ghosts. Your brain will raise the alarm just at the mention of words like a ghost, witch, or any other supernatural entity. Even if your rational mind knows it can’t be true, you feel haunted by fleeting thoughts rushing through your mind.

4. If you saw the knife:

Knives are a symbol of a threat. If you saw that first, your fear could be connected to contracting some incurable disease. We are all afraid of illnesses and old age, but this fear is so deeply rooted in your subconscious that the mere thought of it terrifies you. Most people who see this first are either scared of some incurable illness or sudden death without any reason or explanation.

Were you aware of this deeply-rooted fear? What other things scare you? Share this test with your friends and family so they can also better understand their deepest fears.


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Tbh, I'm scared bc I saw the whole image at once. That means that I'm scared of everything they listed. That is kinda true tho


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