10+ Celebrity Brides Who Ditched Traditional White Dresses and Went for Something Extraordinary

2 years ago

A bride wearing a white dress with a fitted bodice and a voluminous skirt is probably the first thing many of us think of when we hear the word “wedding.” But not all brides, including celebrities, dream of wearing traditional wedding dresses. Some brides push the boundaries of wedding fashion and choose bright colors and risky cuts for their big day.

We at Bright Side selected 12 celebrity wedding outfits that are anything but traditional, and they include suits, shorts, bright colors, and even total black.

Chloë Sevigny

When Chloë Sevigny shared a photo from her secret wedding, she amazed her fans with her non-standard wedding fashion choices. For her wedding ceremony, the celebrity bride chose quite a simple black dress. She accessorized her look with black tights, black boots, and a white bridal veil.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell went even further and skipped both the dress and the color white at her wedding to Dax Shepard. For the big day, she chose a black blouse with black pants. A big necklace added some sparkle and created a festive mood with her ensemble.

Christine Quinn

The reality show star, Christine Quinn, is another celebrity bride who opted for black. She looked like a fairy-tale princess in her off-the-shoulder black dress with a voluminous skirt, sparkling with sequins. Christine accessorized her look with a dramatic black veil and a more traditional lily of the valley bouquet.

Marilyn Monroe

The suit Marilyn Monroe donned for her wedding to Joe DiMaggio looks black in these black-and-white pictures, but it was actually dark brown. A cute collar made of white fur added some festivity and brightness to her look, creating an interesting contrast.

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch is another wedding fashion rebel on our list. Her bridal look consisted of a casual crocheted white mini dress, low heel shoes, and a clutch bag.

Julianne Moore

For her wedding day, Julianne Moore chose a long purple dress that looked more like an evening gown. The actress didn’t have a veil either, but she brightened up her look with long sparkling earrings.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen’s wedding dress surely had strong vintage vibes. A short double-breasted dress with big black buttons looked like an outfit straight out of the ‘50s or ‘60s. The bride also wore a veil and carried a bouquet of colorful roses.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski also decided not to chose a traditional bridal gown. Instead, she stepped out at her secret wedding ceremony wearing a mustard yellow suit. She also put on a black hat with a black veil.

Olivia Palermo

It looks like a dress at first sight, but what Olivia Palermo wore for her big day was actually a cashmere sweater and silk shorts with a skirt overlay. The bride also freshened up her look with a pair of high heel shoes in a deep blue hue.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s bridal gown from 2002 looks quite traditional on the upper half: a white fitted top and a white veil. But the skirt of the dress was not traditional at all — it was spray-painted in gradient pink. The lower section of the veil was also colored pink to match the skirt. All put together, it created a very dramatic wedding look.

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson also chose a colorful dress for her 1989 wedding. Her bold multicolored outfit consisted of a short dress with floral and geometrical patterns and a matching hat and shoes.

Elizabeth Taylor

Back in the ‘60s, not many brides chose non-conventional wedding dresses, but Elizabeth Taylor loved to push the fashion boundaries. For her 1964 wedding to Richard Burton, she donned a marigold yellow dress and a big floral crown.

What do you think of non-conventional wedding outfits? What did you wear at your wedding? Show us the pictures of your bridal looks in the comments!


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