18 Tricky Photos That Aren’t Easy to Crack

2 years ago

Very often, we come across photos that make our brains freeze for a few seconds. And this happens because the brain can’t quickly understand what’s happening.

We at Bright Side also experienced this brain lag when we saw some photos that Internet users shared.

“Noticed the computer screen reflection in the tea. Wow, this is funny!”

“Sort of looks like I’m levitating!”

Is the ball closer or bigger?

“I went hiking, and it looks like I have one leg.”

One of these is a twig, the other is moth larva.

“My bodiless dog”

“My friend sent me a picture of a pizza to show me what kind of crust he likes. I tried to ’play’ the video he sent me.”

“My lab as he was getting up from his hourly nap. He apparently sleeps in the wall now.”

This building looks like a USB port.

Look at this dog’s ears!

“Found this caterpillar eating my plant. It looks like a snake.”

The textures are still loading.

“My polarized sunglasses transform a broken bus window into a psychedelic map of internal tension.”

This is a weird shadow.

“My full mug of milk looks like there’s no milk and the mug is solid.”

A reflected cat looks like it’s in the fish tank.

The carpet has eyes!

“My cat fell asleep looking like he was standing up.”

Were you able to understand what was happening in the photos right away or did you have to look long and hard?

Preview photo credit mrssvsk / Twitter


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Hahaha! I tried to push play before reading the caption of the pizza one...


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