19 Times People Realized They Live With a Monster but It Was Too Late

3 years ago

No matter how much we want to be close to our loved ones, sometimes they can drive us crazy thanks to their little, and maybe insignificant, but still annoying everyday habits. Some people don’t wash their dishes after themselves, others turn the bathroom into a kingdom of chaos after brushing their teeth, and some people’s house chore skills are simply extraordinary.

We at Bright Side have seen and dealt with a lot of weird relatives, but the uniqueness of the ones in our compilation can outshine anyone.

“How my girlfriend eats”

“My toothpaste vs My girlfriend’s toothpaste”

“My husband, refusing to use a bigger pot to warm up his tomato soup”

“The way my boyfriend cuts his pizza to avoid cutting the pepperoni”

“My husband ’helping’ by consolidating all of our pasta”

“Every time my boyfriend eats cereal, he eats until there are only a few flakes left floating in the milk, then he pours that out into the sink, and leaves it there for me to clean up.”

“How my boyfriend uses the bathroom hamper”

“My socket set after my son used it”

“The half a Kit-Kat my wife left me”

“My wife finally using the bag clips I bought”

“Ladies and gentlemen, my sister...”

“I married a person who does this.”

“My grandparents have never cleaned their remote.”

“Wanted to make a nice meal. My roommate’s habits had other plans.”

“My mom just asked me why her new headphones are not working.”

“I made banana bread, and my girlfriend took the first slice. . .”

“How my son eats his pizza”

“Wife likes to store things in the oven... I don’t. Because I don’t think to check before I turn it on.”

“My husband used my favorite knife as a garden tool.”

What annoying habits do your relatives have?

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"How my son eats his pizza" Rising an a-hole and being proud of it.


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