17 Pics That Prove First Time Experiences Are Unforgettable

2 years ago

It’s always special to experience something for the first time because we know that it happens only once. And no matter how much better life gets later on, the firework of emotions that a first experience gives us is so intense that it stays with us forever. This is why it is refreshing to observe a bewildered child make their first discoveries, and explore life around them. Because it reminds us of how astonishing life is even if we take it for granted at times.

Bright Side believes that we always need to keep that innocent spark of wonder inside us alive. Here are some photos that will remind you of how meaningful the simple things in life really are.

1. ’’Her reaction to my first dad joke.’’

2. ’’My niece experiencing a swing set for the first time.’’

3. ’’Meeting his great-granddaughter for the first time.’’

4. ’’My daughter’s first time in a toy store.’’

5. "My friends adopted a little girl from Haiti, and this is her watching it snow for the first time.’’

6. ’’She’s meeting her sister.’’

7. ’’I took my daughter to the beach for the first time, her face sums up the experience.’’

8. ’’Her first experience with bubbles.’’

9. ’’My dad seeing a baby goat for the first time’’

10. ’’My niece has always loved pumpkins. Today, we took her to a pumpkin farm for the first time.’’

11. ’’My newly adopted nephew and my 2-year-old niece playing together for the first time.’’

12. ’’My 6-month-old loves water bottles. Last night, she was served her own cup for the first time.’’

13. ’’My girlfriend has been obsessed with elephants her whole life. She met one for the first time.’’

14. ’’My son seeing a toad for the first time’’

15. ’’My 94-year-old grandpa eating his first-ever hamburger, like a pro.’’

16. ’’Cousins first meeting’’

17. ’’My sister let her cat out for the first time.’’

What first-time experiences left the biggest impact on you? Tell us something that you want to experience but still haven’t gotten the chance to?

Preview photo credit fetusy/Reddit


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