20+ Times People Weren’t Expecting Something and Got Surprised

2 years ago

Being out and about in our day-to-day life can sometimes get monotonous, and our mind and body helplessly crave some excitement. By taking a closer look at things around us, we will notice that there are so many things that are created for this reason: to give us a boost of amazement and show us a surprise is just around every corner. But keep in mind that if you don’t snap a picture of the “wow” moment, it’ll be gone, and you won’t be able to show it to others but will forever stash it inside your heart.

Everyone loves surprises at Bright Side, so we gathered a few that might turn your day around and make you say, “Wow, that’s so cool.”

1. “This photo of my cat turned into a photo of me too.”

2. “Saw this happy guy cruising down the road today.”

3. “I bought a bottle and its cork has a target printed on top of it.”

4. “My wife found sea glass with baby Yoda.”

5. “My coffee smiled at me.”

6. “Came across this guy in a hole while tilling a yard.”

7. “Santa’s port-a-potty”

8. “There was a tiny rubber chicken in my barista’s tip jar.”

9. “I lit a match and it turned into a microphone.”

10. “My kid’s doctor gave me a packet that’s stapled without using a staple.”

11. “Found this fossil today.”

12. “This puddle is labeled.”

13. Ice wool

14. “There is a sharing point for walking sticks at the beginning of my favorite hiking path.”

15. “I was cutting down decayed wood the other day and discovered this.”

16. “These shoes my mom bought look like a remote control on the bottom.”

17. “People appear on these stairs when wet.”

18. “My son’s blanket was happy to be done spinning.”

19. “I woke at dawn to find a family of ducks chilling on the kids’ floaty.”

20. “I just found out my new fridge makes these ice spheres.”

21. “There was a bag of tiny dice inside my bar of soap.”

22. “I found this perfectly intact snakeskin in my backyard.”

What’s the weirdest, most surprising thing you’ve ever found while outside? Are you the type of person that would save the snakeskin and display it as art or would you rather not keep it? Let us know in the comments.

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Preview photo credit joekriv / Reddit


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6,14,19 & 22 no: 6 is my Absolute Favourite! So Unusual to see a Bunny with that Coloured Coat! He's Gorgeous!!
The rest are Still Adorable. When l saw the soap that had the dice in it, initially l thought it was some Weird Chocolate Bar, l know it's just me but still...lol


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