15 People Who Were Fine Until the Universe Said, “Not Today”

2 years ago

It’s possible to increase your luck, according to a 10-year scientific study. But most of us haven’t figured out how to do this. That’s why we are continually surprised by incidents that often turn a perfectly good day into a bad one.

Bright Side searched the web for spot-on examples of what it’s like to have luck run out. Some of the most striking examples are down below.

1. “My friend was taking his driver’s license photo when a fly landed on his face.”

2. “My girlfriend just FaceTimed me from inside the restaurant bathroom.”

3. “Accidentally put my wool hat in the washing machine. The label said handwash cold.”

4. “The exact moment her phone was lost forever.”

5. “Just bought this underwater protective case and went swimming with it.”

6. “My neighbors forgot to turn their sprinkler system off for the cold weather.”

7. “4 days of trekking through mud to Machu Picchu resulted in this glorious view.”

8. “I was about to sleep when I found this guy on my pillow.”

9. “Got a new curling iron, guaranteed to not snag.”

10. “Bought a house with a backyard, so I was so stoked and planted my first-ever crop. The hurricane had different plans.”

11. “I woke up and went to take a shower.”

12. “I fractured a bone in my back the week before vacation.”

13. “My family’s pet goat isn’t fond of others.”

14. “A gallon jar of honey cracked and spilled in my friend’s car the other day.”

15. “Someone hit my car and painted it with house paint.”

How do you stay positive when something bad happens to you? Help others by leaving your best tips in the comments.

Preview photo credit gettinggnarly / Reddit


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