20 Times Perspective Was So Warped That It Even Baffled Our Brain

2 years ago

A finger might be not a finger at all and a reflection on the surface of an iron can make you look like an alien. It’s all about angles — the right angle can hide the real context of the situation.

We at Bright Side gathered 20 cases with confusing angles where you can find the missing context.

1. “I picked up this little guy and this is where he chose to lay.”

2. “2-headed police officer helping change my tire”

3. “Reflection in a steam iron”

4. “I thought I’d add our little puppy in with the other giants here. My mother for scale.”

5. “Blursed cat”

6. “This angle of my car after a good polish.”

7. “There’s an artist who makes fake shadows to confuse pedestrians.”

8. “Just chilling in the park.”

9. “What a long cat you are.”

10. “My wife is growing her arm back.”

11. “I got my hair cut today and I noticed something.”

12. “One of my friend’s maternity photos didn’t quite go as planned.”

13. “I left my head on the top shelf.”

14. The body just disappeared.

15. “My girlfriend’s cat yawning”

16. “Look at my little sister’s arm... or leg.”

17. “A flying hatchet at my friend’s work”

18. “Was just taking a pic to send to my friend, apparently, cats are liquid.”

19. “Triangle blackhole made by a shadow”

20. “My dog has evolved.”

Which picture surprised you the most? Do you have your own pics with confusing perspectives? Please share them with us!

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Preview photo credit _Geiger/reddit


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